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Biodegradable Shopping Bags

Plastic packaging and plastic bags are one of the greatest worldwide environmental hazards of modern society. The magnitude of the problem has governments, environmental agencies, businesses, community groups, and individuals all looking at ways to address the problem. In Los Angeles in May 2012 a city wide plastic bag ban has gone into effectWe believe this to be the beginning of end of single use plastic bags in the USA but what is the solution? one which recognizes both the retailers and consumer’s need for plastic packaging and bags and the need for a cleaner and safer environment

The Zero Impact Solution
As a company we believe we are uniquely positioned to play a vital role in providing a cost effective, fully compostable solution to the environmental hazard produced by plastic packaging and shopping bags. Our company offers a range of films with many industry and end product applications. These include water soluble film for a wide range of industries; a moisture resistant film that offers a complete solution for the retail and supermarket industry; and a soluble, permeable film suitable for fresh food packaging. Zero Impact Packaging can supply tailor made film directly to industry for use according to their own specifications. In addition our company manufactures a complete range of supermarket and retail shopping bags.

Our film and bags have the following unique features: Meets International Biodegradable and Compostable Standards EN13432, ASTM-6400-99Compostable Standards EN13432, ASTM-6400-99 and AS 4736-2006 (Fully biodegradable and compostable) Is made from the renewable energy resource starch Does not contain the conventional plastic constituents such as polyethylene or polypropylene Natural premium finish (but can be colored and printed if preferred) Water soluble (solubility temperature tailor made) Permeable to moisture Moisture Resistant Film for shopping bags has comparable strength to plastic, tolerates short term exposure to moisture and can be re-used (encouraged). It is ideally suited for dry goods.


Biodegradable bag after 3 months